4 thoughts on “We Must Continue To Speak Out Together

  1. 100%. History is actually driven by ideas, not by events. By the choices people make, not by random uncontrollable events. Our tyrants need for us to believe that we exist in a deterministic world (that free will does not exist and that we must exist in acquiescent obedience to the “deer leederz” and their mob of “exspurtz”).

    The Universe is governed by natural laws, stable, firm, absolute, and knowable. Everything is cause and effect. Our free will (our ability to choose) is causal. We can choose our fate.

    The discovery of Individual Rights is a discovery of the natural law of humanity. It is a secular discovery, not a mystical revelation. Individual Rights protects the humanity of humans in a social context. Why these are sacred, and ought never be revocable. The humanity of humans is essential even in war, pandemic, disaster, any crisis. The human mind is always a necessity in order to live upon this naturally very hazardous Earth.

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  2. Brian. Thankyou so much for the video link to Malone etc. I was on my way to bed and your email appeared just as I was heading in that direction. I clicked onto the interview and quite enjoyed it. If my partner complains tomorrow morning that I am up late, I am going to blame it on you.


  3. Excellent discussion with Malone, Desmet and Vanden Bossche. I appreciate their expertise, their stance and their courage. It is vitally important that we continue to speak out. For every time we do, we encourage someone else. Dr. Julie Ponesse discussed this in a recent talk she gave on the Nuremberg Code, and how, when others spoke up, she felt the courage to do so.

    From a personal perspective, a meeting in our home to discuss insurance led to a tentative remark that led to the representative revealing her stance on the issues, which led to joining a wider circle of like-minded individuals and discovering methods of standing against the madness. When we dare speak up, (even in a quavering voice), we often learn that we are not alone, and that we have supporters in surprising places, (much as we learned we have detractors in surprising places!). Hope we can all Find Our Voice and keep speaking out like Premier Peckford!

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  4. The government reps are aligned with the globalist agenda.
    There is no getting out of this as the overwhelming majority having been inoculated and susceptible to the central core of the elite’s agenda,which is total destruction.
    Not one of these very prolific and learned men address what is really going down.
    Without addressing the military bio warfare aspect of this unfolding event there are no solutions offered or even considered here.
    Malone,with his background,knows this better than Desmond or Geert.


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