Why Won’t The Federal Government of Canada Question Me? 

I have launched a lawsuit with other Canadians  that alleges  that the Federal Government of Canada has violated our rights and freedoms under the Charter of Rights  and Freedoms which is an integral part of the country’s Constitution Act 1982. I am the only living first minister who helped craft that document . I and the other Canadians maintain that our rights to travel, protected under Section 6 of the Charter,  were violated with the Federal imposition of mandatory travel restrictions  , making it unlawful for certain Canadians who exercised these rights to air travel within the country or leave the country . 

One would think that the Federal Government lawyers would be eager to hear what one of the first Ministers that helped craft the Charter had to say : especially about the intent of Section 1 and the meaning of the conditions in this section. And even more important to get my understanding of the first words of the Charter ; ‘whereas this country is founded on the principles of the Supremacy of God and the rule of law:’

My lawyer, Keith Wilson, contracted by The Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms.  inquired of the Federal Lawyers when they would be calling me for questions responded that they did not intend to call me at all. 

Under the Emergency’s Act that the Federal invoked there is a requirement for a Public Order Emergency Commission to be established .This has been established and the Commissioner has been conducting public hearings in Ottawa. My lawyer, who also represents the main Trucker Convoy group , put forward my name to be a witness. I had participated on Parliament Hill as part of the Truckers peaceful , legal Protest and participated with Tamara Lich , the Trucker’s leader , in an aborted press conference where we foreshadowed the imminent invocation of the Emergency Act by the Government and declared it unnecessary and unconstitutional. 

The final list of witnesses has been provided by the Commissioner and I have been omitted from being a witness. 

One would think that someone who helped craft the Charter, whose name is one of the 10 First Ministers on the Partiation Agreement, the founding document of the Constitution Act 1982, the provisions of which the Truckers were protesting was violated by the Federal Government , and who was in Ottawa in support of  the truckers,  would  have something valuable to say at such a hearing. 

It is troubling that the Federal Department of Justice  of this Nation defending a Charter case brought by the last surviving First Minister who help craft the Charter would not call such a person to provide testimony in the case and be cross examined. 

Likewise , for a Special Inquiry to be called concerning the invoking of the Emergency Act whose preamble stimulates that it must conform to the Charter and refuses to approve my name as one of the witnesses  at that Inquiry is surely unusual and an abuse of process.

History will not be kind in judging the behaviour of our leaders who are suppose to fairly judge the exercise of Government power consistent with our written Charter of Rights and Freedoms duly approved as part of the Constitution of our once proud democracy. 

Ironic indeed that the Privy Council designation was bestowed on the Premiers who were party to the Patriation Agreement by Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 in recognition of their involvement in creating the Constitution Act 1982.

Honourable A. Brian Peckford P. C. 

15 thoughts on “Why Won’t The Federal Government of Canada Question Me? 

  1. Just consider the scenario of multiple trains on the tracks with us screaming to “stop the trains”. The trains roar on and no one hear us. Don’t give up. Thanks for all your efforts.

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  2. Justin and Chrystia,along with Jagmeet and a portion o the Liberal cabinet are beholden to Klaus and the globalists.
    When it was announced that the lawsuit particulars were moot,I immediately departed Canada in the last month.
    I will not become a prisoner that is mandated to take a poison death shot by a PM that should be charged with treason.
    Trudeau has sold out the nation and it is more than obvious by now.
    Continue to object and battle because we will need the military to intervene to save this country.

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  3. Dear Mr. Peckford,
    It is called willful blindness. This is nothing short of a conscious, deliberate avoidance of the truth. It gives rise to an inference of knowledge of the crime in question. They want very much to avoid you.

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  4. Well, let’s face it, the whole inquiry is a sham and Trudeau knows he will skate through it unscathed, as he has through every crime and screw up since the Liberal cabal running the country first decided he was their boy. There are no consequences anymore, as long as you are a Liberal. What institution exists in this country that hasn’t been captured by the cabal? Many of us are grateful for your heroic efforts, but there are no effective levers or pressure points against the powerful in this country. The truckers thought they had one, but our rulers just ignored them, made up fake news stories about them, and ultimately subdued them with armed force and frozen bank accounts. With the eager cooperation of the media, police and big banks. All of it a trial run to see what they could get away with and how far they can go. The next emergency will be the “climate”, or some other trumped up fearstorm and now they know they can get away with anything, constitution be damned. Most Canadians won’t wake up until it’s far too late.

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  5. It’s so sad just how true what you are saying Mr. Peckford.

    We, the good people of Canada who do their best to be good human beings and love our country and fellow man, keep on pulling our hair out at the apparent lack of common sense being executed by government right now. But we have to remember that the government is not just a bunch of bumbling fools running around blindly. They are being very deliberate in their actions (whether it’s their own actions or orders from above is open for debate). But, they are accomplishing what they are wanting to accomplish.

    See Orwell’s 1984 “Doublespeak” for more insight.

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  6. Dear Honourable Brian Peckford,

    There have been many Lunar cycles, many trips around the Solar Mass, since you were one of the esteemed premier of Canada’s youngest province, that is, Newfoundland and Labrador.

    You also, in the constitutional talks, had the good fortunate to have Honourable premiers like Peter Lougheed, Bill Bennett, Alan Blakeney and several others that were instrumental in the formulation of the new Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Sadly, Senor Peckford, you and I are expecting the premiers of today and the Prime Minister to be imbued with the same honour, a guiding code, loyalty and respect for citizens and their needs. Sorry, sir, you are now in the Twlight Zone of Canadian politics where disinformation, misinformation, deceit, censorship, propaganda and manipulation are the guiding “Code” directives and expectations.

    If we are, and I think we are, expecting an arrogant, dishonourable, power driven, bunch of unethical misfits in Ottawa, and elsewhere in too many levels of government, to draw upon your historical knowledge, expertise and “I was there” reality; sorry, your illusion will, if not already, become your delusion—welcome to the club!!!

    We have entered what I call the disrespect stage of politics and human interaction in too many western countries. There is little, if any room, for what was traditional and expected behaviour. That is, to respect for our elders.

    Moreover, I was taught to respect parents, grandparents, and other people who were older than me, they should and must be treated with respect, I was told. To do otherwise brought consequences that were delivered swiftly and sufficient to cause memory acquisition.

    In today’s world, we have meandered down a trail of disrespect (it’s been happening for several generations) where elders are seen as inconveniences, a drag on the economic comforts of their progeny, better out-of-sight and out-of-mind, fodder for the seniors facilities, a drain on the medical and social safety net systems, but mostly a group that are unworthy of the younger generations’ time and respect. Never mind that those elders are the shoulders upon which we all stand.

    The elders, instead of being respect and revered, are now harassed, spit upon, shoved, beaten, stolen from by con artists, made to cower in their homes out of fear and demeaned in a myriad of other ways. This has all occurred during my lifetime and appears to be increasing in intensity.

    So, my point, you, Senor Peckford are viewed by the now mandarins in Ottawa as a nuisance who must be tolerated but not shown respect. Your knowledge is dangerous and must be suppressed, you are a threat to their very existence and why they don’t want you to be heard—period.

    You are and will be ignored, diminished wherever possible, not allowed to speak (I.e. Island school), attacked when deemed needed with charges of racism, intolerance, misogyny, paranoia, Covid-19 misinformation spreader, Climate Change denier, and any other charges that are opportune, in order to diminish your character.

    I will provide several observations regarding your post, they are the following:

    1. Your words: One would think that the Federal Government lawyers would be eager to hear what one of the first Ministers that helped craft the Charter had to say.

    Answer: You are fighting by the Queensberry Rules whilst your adversaries have no recognition of such rules or most rules for that matter. You, by your own nobility, have put yourself at a massive disadvantage;

    2. Your words: “when they would be calling me for questions responded that they did not intend to call me at all.

    Answer: Good that Keith Wilson is on the record with the question. Never, is the answer, see number one (1);

    3. Wilson putting you name forward was a great legal move but not a snowball’s change in hell that you were going to be a witness;

    4. Your words: One would think that someone who helped craft the Charter, whose name is one of the 10 First Ministers on the Partiation Agreement, the founding document of the Constitution Act 1982.

    Answer: See answer in one (1). Not a chance, you are a threat to the narrative and a record of your background, knowledge, history and beliefs must not be allowed to enter the official record of the Inquiry;

    5. Your words: It is troubling that the Federal Department of Justice of this Nation defending a Charter case brought by the last surviving First Minister who help craft the Charter would not call such a person to provide testimony in the case and be cross examined.

    Answer: Yes, it is very troubling but very, very predictable. Your testimony and cross examination is “persona non grata”. Make no mistake, this approach is “unusual and an abuse of process”, but not surprising. A government and System that has abused the mobility rights of Canadians for a long time are not the least concerned about proper and due process. Again, naive to expect them to operate under the Queensberry rules or any legal version there of;

    6. Your words: History will not be kind in judging the behaviour of our leaders who are suppose to fairly judge the exercise of Government power consistent with our written Charter of Rights and Freedoms duly approved as part of the Constitution of our once proud democracy.

    Answer: They don’t care about history, the rule of law, the Charter or any other check on their power. They have gamed the System and its working for them, why change is their mantra. Sorry, we no longer can honestly refer to Canada as a democracy— we just are not. We are an enigma wrapped in an invisible cloak of a disappeared democracy.

    Premier Peckford, as you are aware, I have the greatest of respect for you and your efforts, however, it’s getting to the point where yours and your legal team’s fighting gloves must, at least be filled with a little harder substance.

    Are we nearing the SCOC hearing or is that just wishful thinking?

    You, sadly and unfairly, are fighting with your hands tied behind your back, and your opponent doesn’t nor has any intention of fighting by the rules. The outcome, if such Queensbury Rules are the future strategy and tactics used, will be most unpleasant for all.

    Food for thought.

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    • Well said as always, Terry. Let us not, however, give up at this desperate juncture. Let us continue to fight and stand and speak for Truth right along with dear Mr. Peckford wherever and however we are able. The courts, the media, the ‘system’ may reduce us to ‘nothing’, but in the end we will have retained everything that matters—our character, our convictions, our integrity—which is something corruption does not understand and cannot squelch. To quote from the gospel of John: “ The Light shines in the darkness, but the darkness cannot overwhelm it”.

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  7. Canada’s Charter was sabotaged from the beginning by incorporating notwithstanding clause, and Section 1. Not that the sabotage was intentional, but an effect of ancient theocratic feudal ideas that exists in every monarchy.

    The Universe is governed by natural laws. Stable, firm, absolute, and knowable. Natural law is not supernatural law (is not “self-evident”) nor was it created by a supreme being. It just is, always was, and will forever be.

    The fundamental natural law of humanity (the Right to Life) was discovered by attempting to associate the concept of morality with the real physical world after having acquired deep and detailed knowledge of Greco-Roman and Renaissance history and the philosophy that drove it all. It was “self-evident” only to those who undertook the effort to acquire the knowledge.

    It was a discovery that very nearly eradicated all slavery and poverty in the world, and it still can. Its merely a matter of dissemination and comprehension.

    America’s Bill of Rights (enacted in 1791) correctly identified the law abiding individual as the sovereign unit of value, vs the ancient tradition of prioritizing the collective ruled by a sovereign.

    There is no moral justification for suspending the humanity of humans (their individual rights) under any circumstance or crisis. The notion that some “dear leader” (whether secular or supernatural) can over-ride the reasoning of the individuals whose rights are supposed to be protected by the law, is savage, primitive, tribal, and cannibalistic.

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  8. I am old so why do I care?
    I care because I have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of whom I wish for long and happy lives as free citizens.

    Justin and his various cohorts preach out of one side of their collective mouths while governing from the other side.
    Democracy be damned. There no longer is such a thing unless my understanding of the word is away off base.

    You, Mr. Peckford, should be front and centre at the Hearing. You should be applauded for the part you played in formulating our Charter and for your continued fight for the freedoms enshrined therein.

    I have read and re-read and re-re-read our Charter. Justin is WRONG; the various judges are WRONG and unfortunately so many of my fellow Canadians are WRONG simply because forcing people into slavery is WRONG.

    This is MY country and it is not for sale to the highest bidder. Somehow, some way, they cannot be allowed to take it from us. Unfortunately too many of US are allowing THEM to do just that and I don’t know how to stop it.

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  9. There is ONLY one reason Honorable Brian Peckford for you not being called as a witness in this important investigation. That reason is Justin Trudeau and ONLY him. The Junior member of the Trudeau Tag Team of Destruction is a card carrying Communist dictator and proud member of Klaus Schwab’s WEF Trudeau is bent on being master of Canada for life. You’re the LAST person ever to be called for an opinion in this important investigation because you would shred him to little pieces.

    It doesn’t matter anyway because Trudeau has stipulated that after the enquiry there will be no blame or penalties assigned to ANYONE. The ONLY reason there is an enquiry is because it was in the statute that there must be one after invoking it, but Justin added in the part where even if he is personally to blame for any and all terrible fallout out to individual Canadians, no consequences will be invoked. That’s a sure sign of an arrogant, dictatorial, DANGEROUS individual.

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  10. Mister Peckford if the government questions you some things will be said that the government doesn’t want on the record or for the citizens to know and understand. By not questioning you they keep the public brainwashed and also maintain the illusion of their legitimacy.
    As for the supremacy of God and the rule of law that has got to be a statement that is an accident of history and one the government doesn’t want anyone to take seriously unless the government meaning themselves as an oligarchy get to play God and make all the laws. Better a Dictator or a real King who sees himself as a servant of God than a committee that sees themselves as being equal to or superior to God and all honest men.
    We have been stuck with the later instead of the former for so long people have gotten used to it.

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  11. Brian Peckford, Reason, thoughtfulness, wisdom and hands on experience, all of which you have, frightens the pisssh out of weak individuals. They lack fortitude, honesty, integrity and courage. They use their positions and others to hide behind. You scare the crap out of him and them Brian and they would fail in any kind of discussion with you and they know it. What these politicians comprehend about freedom you could fit on the head of a pin!

    So, what does that tell us about this government, the entire cabinet, the judicial system, the mainstream media and millions of Canadians whose main bit of standing up for rights in Canada was to rail against horns and big trucks on their streets. Millions of Canucks from coast to coast had no idea whatsoever what the FREEDOM Truckers Convoy was about, many of these same whiztards are unaware of the Constitution and the Charter of RIghts and Freedoms but by God are they incensed by peaceful protesters who came to Ottawa and asked BEFORE their arrival to speak to someone in the LIBNDP cabinet. And never once in the entire three week period of peaceful protest, did a single member of that overpaid group of politicos even go outside to meet one single person within the Freedom Trucker’s Convoy. Not one, not once.

    And instead of admitting that he and the party, LIBNDP, never even met the protesters casually nor arranged to meet with them, as paid elected members are obliged to do, they agreed to invoke the Emergency Act!

    You speak up, you care, you speak to the history of our nation and the immense importance of our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a Canadian and more, from a deeply involved personal and professional perspective. Those elected politicos, every single one of them, are terrified to meet you let alone speak to you or hear you speak. They haven’t the stones nor the intelligence nor do they do their duty for Canadians as elected officials. That is why you were ignored at every turn.

    And it makes our country look as weak and insipid and moronic to the world, as it is. Don’t forget though, Canadians are polite and nice, and if that is the extent of their value system, woe are we.

    One last comment. I am very proud of the Freedom Trucker’s Convoy and all of the peaceful protesters because they remain the one thing that, for a period of time in Canada, UNITED millions of us and did us proud. You were a big part of this Brian and each one of you deserves our respect and admiration!

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    • Wendy,

      Well, mi amiga, I sense your fire is starting to be stoked in a manner that suggest your frustration meter is about to jump the scale. I ready your response and was immediately taken with this thought, “to what level has our government sunk when reasonable common sense citizens are unable to find anything by which they respect the leader of the country and his cabal of “cabinetry” that relates to the term “screwed more than joined”— my attempt at humour.

      The words in your article that signify frustration and what the pluck is happening to our country:

      Pisssh, weak, lack fortitude/honesty/integrity/courage, hide behind, scare, crap, fail, rail, no idea, whiztards, unaware, incensed, obliged, invoke, you speak up, you care, you speak to, terrified, stones, nor intelligence, their duty, ignored, weak, insipid, moronic, woe are we.

      Now if I were rating this post of yours on a frustration meter scale of 1-100; I would be hard pressed not to give it 99.99 out of 100.

      Congratulations, you get almost a perfect score. To have achieved such you would have needed to include “gonads and balls” to describe the present PM.

      It might read like this, “The Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, who identifies as a full fledged woman has been found to possess massive gonads and balls whilst Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has been found to possess neither. Funny to see that even Mother Nature is in on the needed messaging”.

      Food for thought for your next post, keep up the good work, my fellow Canadian.


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