A Lament for a Nation, or Bye-Bye Miss Canadian Pie


                                                                                      To live with courage is a virtue               

                                                                                      regardless of what one thinks of the 

                                                                                     dominant assumption of one’s age.

                                                                                              George Grant

                                                                    Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry

                                                                                        Don Mclean, American Pie

It is very hard to maintain one’s composure when speaking to ordinary Canadians about the disaster in the making that is Canada today. I have engaged personally and via email over the last two years with literally hundreds of my fellow countrymen from all walks of life on the subjects of the national debt, the deficit, the sunsetting of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the draconian and illegal Covid and vaccine mandates and the turbo maladies that flow from them, the various repressive bills sieving through Parliament, the vicious and lying government and media campaign against the Trucker Freedom Convoy, and the unconscionable behavior of the most vindictiveincompetent and unpatriotic prime minister in the history of Confederation.

With precious few exceptions—“precious” is a key word here—I have come away in a state of profound depression. Some readers of my writings as well as everyday interlocutors have accused me of pessimism, which may be true. I recall a remark of Leonard Cohen’s: “A pessimist is somebody who is waiting for the rain. Me, I’m already wet.” Sometimes I feel completely drenched.

I’ve found the great majority of my correspondents do not know the difference between the debt and the deficit. They draw a blank when I mention the Charter or the Nuremberg Code, let alone Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and the Great Reset. None have researched the deception or willful ignorance among our politicians regarding the Covid mandates and not one has examined the harmful and even lethal nature of the vaccines and booster shots. None I’ve spoken to have even heard of SADS—Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, which emerged post-vaccine

Bills like C-4C-11C-12 and C-18, which are dictatorial measures designed to muzzle and censor the average citizen, are little more than arcana unworthy of consideration. Most people are indifferent to, or approving of, the push for legislated mask mandates, “a result of a compliant populace,” Cory Morgan writes, “willing to shrug their shoulders and give up personal liberties with little complaint.” The government and medical profession’s targeting of parents who resist the sickness of transgenderitis in order to provide a normal life for their children does not appear to move many Canadians.

For the most part, they are not clear on the frivolous invocation of the Emergencies Act and tend to agree that the government was right in acting against the peaceful and legitimate truckers’ demonstration, to freeze bank accounts and to imprison Convoy organizers on the flimsiest of pretexts. 

Nor are they aware that Canada’s chief justice, Richard Wagner, a Trudeau appointee, has violated the principle of judicial neutrality in condemning the trucker protest, thereby putting himself, so to speak, out of court. They have taken the false flag operations against the truckers at face value and naïvely fall for the profusion of spurious Internet “fact-checks” demonizing the convoy—those “typical blue-collar folk, doing real work for a living,” writes Rex Murphy, “a representative group of Canadian citizens with relevant and pressing concerns.” 

Nor are they familiar with the Liberal finessing of the related Commission of Inquiry. Convoy lawyer Brendan Miller, for example, was removed from the Inquiry after asking embarrassing questions of the government and objecting to its redacted documents. And as expected, the hearing ended with the government presenting no relevant information, justifying its position, and relying on what Director of the National Citizens Coalition Alexander Brown wittily called, adapting a famous phrase from Hannah Arendt, “the banality of bureaucratic abuse.” The entire operation was an exercise in futility.

They do not know that Justin Trudeau has bought off the press with handsome tax rebates and emoluments, and most have declared their intention to vote for him again. Rampant inflation is laid at the door of Vladimir Putin rather than at Trudeau’s reckless economic policies, energy shutdowns, pandemic over-spending, skyrocketing carbon taxes, anti-farming animus, and record borrowing. They believe in the canard of global warming and they are still convinced that the unvaccinated are viral shedders, though we now know that the vaccinated are the major transmitters. And they are proud to be Canadians, “the best country on earth,” as all too many have proclaimed.

Aspects of what I regard as citizen failure are, of course, to be found almost everywhere, but rarely to the extent that we observe here. Ontario MPP Joel Harden put it in a nutshell on Canada’s Remembrance Day, November 11: “The most formidable check on all politicians are active and engaged citizens who are the lifeblood of any democracy.” We still have our heroes, but they are a visibly shrinking minority. The lifeblood is seeping away. In the words of John Mac Ghlionn at The Epoch Times, “the environment that Trudeau and his colleagues have created [is] one steeped in paranoia and suspicion. They have managed to turn a once respectable country into a surveillance state.”

In some respects Canada under Trudeau is gradually becoming a vassal state. 

As Major Russ Cooper, CEO of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF), observes, Canada is now intent “on appropriating offshore causes capable of displacing and denigrating the sovereignty of itself and its citizens.” It is outsourcing its independence “in matters of public health, our military procurement priorities and our own energy production” to foreign bodies and organizations, like the UN, the WHO and the WEF. “It would appear,” Cooper concludes, that “the prime minister’s declaration that Canada was the “first post-national state” with no “core identity” is the better indicator of just where the country is going.”

In thrall to the globalist agenda, Ottawa will introduce legislation to achieve net-zero GHG (greenhouse gasses), at a prohibitive cost to both energy and agricultural production. Yet, according to government statistics, Canada generates merely 1.5 percent of global GHG emissions. Needlessly decarbonizing the productive sector will eventually impoverish the country, as it did Sri Lanka, which seems increasingly to be the prime minister’s ambition. (The fascinating theory of abiotic oil, of course, is dismissed out of hand.)

Another of the scandals we are presently facing is called MAID or Medical Assistance in Dying. This new euthanasia program, which the World Medical Journal describes as “normalizing death as ‘treatment’ in Canada,” is affecting not only the disabled but the elderly, the poor and the homeless as well. Euthanasia, as Stephen Green writes in PJ Media, “the weeding out of undesirables by official means, has been a tenet of progressive ideology from the very beginning,” a system that “encourage[es] suicide over treatment.” 

Canada has become the contemporary poster boy for this outrageous regime. Put bluntly, people who no longer recognize the country they grew up in have only two options: to leave or to die. 

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Canadians are abandoning the countryin ever-growing numbers. Remaining in Canada depends on whether one considers it to be politically salvageable. For those who have settled elsewhere, the answer is a clear No. For these emigrants, this is not a question of weakness or moral defeat but of simple clarity. It can be said, to adopt George Grant’s injunction, that they are living with courage, for it takes courage to leave everything behind and begin anew in unfamiliar surroundings. They have taken the measure of the situation and do not expect a supine and stupefied citizen body to awaken to the reality of its condition.  

Canada is now an immigrant-ridden and fissiparous country, the majority of its people wallowing in obliviousness and proud, it would seem, of their deference to authoritarian dictate. Perhaps the only solution, if there is one, is prairie secession, the goal of the Wexit movement, which appears to be gathering some momentum. The prairie provinces would make a viable and prosperous independent country. Admittedly, it’s a long shot, but discontent is mounting.

Whether or not the movement prospers, there are encouraging signs of pushback against federal government ordinances. The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan in particular have served notice they intend to resist Trudeau’s energy policies, the threat of a digital ID rollout, and the likelihood of renewed vaccine mandates and passports. Once the energy and agricultural backbone of the nation, and presently under the enlightened leadership of Danielle Smith and Scott Moe, respectively, these two provinces currently represent a silver lining in a massively dark cloud. 

But one thing should be obvious by now: we cannot go back to the status quo ante. The levee is dry.

David Solway is a Canadian poet and essayist. His most recent volume of poetry, The Herb Garden, appeared in 2018 with Guernica Editions. His manifesto, Reflections on Music, Poetry & Politics, was released by Shomron Press in 2016. He has produced two CDs of original songs: Blood Guitar and Other Tales and Partial to Cain on which he was accompanied by his pianist wife Janice Fiamengo. His latest book is Notes from a Derelict Culture, Black House, London, 2019.

37 thoughts on “A Lament for a Nation, or Bye-Bye Miss Canadian Pie

  1. David Solway hits the bulls eye with his analysis of Canada at this time. I see the same people he does – the ones blinded and influenced by the flat out lies of mainstream media and they refuse to source alternate news sites that tell the real story for what’s happening all around us.

    I think we all likely know Canadians who have either left or are seriously planning on bailing out of Trudeau’s Canada that has “no core identity”. The fool just dismissed Canada’s French and English heritage in one single breath. What a clear and present danger of a deadly traitor Justin is.

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  2. “If you do nothing, the future will be worse”
    Free To Fly Canada

     Like many of you, my family and I have moments:
    wondering what to do with the reams of information thrown at us (much of it “bad news”);
    feeling discouraged by dashed hopes;
    being deeply frustrated at political, judicial or institutional decisions and compromise.

    When I spoke at the Citizens’ Hearing this summer, I suggested that a damning consequence of these past years has been the breathtaking compromise and loss of trust in entire sectors, ones meant to be impartial guardians of justice, health, and safety.

    The more I wrestle with these realities, the more convinced I am that change cannot be outsourced. It will only come through personal conviction, and our willingness to be steadfast, taking some blows in the process. That conviction resulted in the declaration I sent out last week.

    This past Saturday I had an opportunity to speak in Oakville, Ontario, and was blessed to hear and chat with another speaker, Dr. David Haskell. We agreed on much of what I’ve laid out above. I subsequently came across a talk he gave to students whose lives and educations were turned upside down by mandates. It’s a powerful dose of tough love, drilling down to the practicalities of “What do we do?”.

    I don’t have a lot of available time for videos, so I sympathize with anyone eye-rolling, ‘Oh boy, another video’. It’s worth the full 22 minutes, though, and can be found at the red button below. For those short of time, skip to minute 17:00. His concluding remarks are below.



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  3. Dear David;

    You, mi amigo, are not merely drenched, however and sadly, from the tone of your lament, you are immersed, almost upto your nasal passages, in what can only be described as a despondency of increasing magnitude.

    Fear not, David, you are not alone, I am, like you, taken aback (have been for many years now) at the indifference, the lack of knowledge and interest in so many Canadians of becoming an informed and engaged citizen. The apathy, the inability and/or reluctance to question, to willingly be immersed in deception, lies, misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, censorship and, at the same time, appearing not be the least concerned, is akin to an unfolding Shakespearian tragedy on steroids.

    We have had the equivalent (from a social and societal perspective) of numerous Tsar Bombas dropped into our Civilization, over the last several years, however the massive shock wave and collateral damage is being contained temporarily in a most surreptitious manner, like the slow drip from the Penstocks of a Three Gorges like dam, about to burst.

    The folks downstream of the dam are acutely aware, or should be acutely aware, of this impending doom, however, they want to believe in the delusion that God is going to intercede and make it all better—he isn’t.

    You, my fellow citizens will be swamped and killed by a massive wall of water rushing down your valley, whilst the engineers (I.e. politicians), construction workers (I.e. civil servants) are safely ensconced in their protective bubble of sanctimonious Wokeism— which, ironically, you paid for tax wise and now with your life.

    The cardinal sin for you, I, Senor Peckford and others, in this fight, is to let our despondency shockwaves convince us to give up the fight, to cave into the intruder, to not do what we know is right.

    As I quoted Shakespeare in another post yesterday, ““Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.” Let us not abandon the road of bravery and resistance and surrender to the evil which is insidious in its nature and appears to transcend in a manner that puts it outside our “comfort” reach.

    The real question is, “how do we take our Country back, before it is too late, with the minimal amount of collateral damage”?

    David, something for you to contemplate, “What over the last fifty (50) to seventy (70) years has contributed to the erosion of Canada 🇨🇦. You will need to be brutally honest, take no prisoners attitude, and tackle a number of sacred cows in order to find achieve, “before it is too late.”

    Food For Thought, For Those Searching For The Truth!!

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    • Hi Terry
      I’d be most interested in learning your take on the last half century in this country. I often wonder what my old (late) poet friends and mentors like Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen would think of our current declension–it seems so far beyond their own social and literary concerns.

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      • David;

        For this exchange, I think it best to initially do it by e-mail.

        Please, Send me your desired e-mail response address, to my e-mail address below and I will share my thoughts with you, via e-mail, and we can decide where to go, if anywhere, from there.


        Also, having had the pleasure to see Cohen in concert in Calgary, a number of years before he passed, I say with the greatest of respect and admiration for his talents, he would say, (and I apologize to Leonard for bastardizing his genius work):

        They sentenced me to unknown years of boredom
        For trying to change the system from within
        I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them
        First we take Ottawa, then we Cleanse our sins.

        I’m guided by a signal in the heavens (Guided, guided)
        I’m guided by these mRNA injection marks on my skin (I am guided by)
        I’m guided by the beauty of our weapons (Ooh, ooh)
        First we take Ottawa, then we Cleanse our sins.

        I’d really like to live beside you, Democracy
        I love your body and your spirit and your protective shield
        But you see that line there moving through the station?
        I told you, I told you, told you I was one of those

        Ah, you loved me as a loser, but now you’re worried that I just might win
        You know the way to stop me, but you don’t have the discipline
        How many nights I prayed for this, to let my work begin
        First we take Ottawa, then we Cleanse our sins.

        I don’t like your fashion business, mister
        And I don’t like these drugs that keep you thin
        I don’t like what is happening to my Country
        First we take Ottawa, then we Cleanse our sins.

        I’d really like to live beside you, Democracy
        I love your body and your spirit and your protective shield
        But you see that line there moving through the station?
        I told you, I told you, told you I was one of those

        And I thank you for those items that you sent me, ha ha ha ha
        The monkey and the Truckers’ violin
        I practiced every night, now I’m ready
        First we take Ottawa, then we Cleanse our sins.

        I am guided by these mRNA injection marks on my skin.

        Ah, remember me, I used to live in Freedom (Baby)
        Remember me, I sold you Freedoms and Rights, those fantasies (Ooh, baby, yeah)
        Well, it’s Father’s Day, and everybody’s wounded
        First we take Ottawa, then we Cleanse our sins.

        Again, my apologies for the amending , to the one and only, Leonard Cohen.

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  4. Hello David Solway please send this to David on Nov. 30 2022

    a Brilliant and tragic essay on this country and I, among others who read Brian Peckford’s blog are very much aware of what is going on. I have commented on many of your essays as each one has moved me and each one is raw yet caring and true.

    You spoke of some hope for the prairies. I am at a very low ebb just now and I have worked to keep those sad and even hopeless feelings at bay as I can never get to solutions or even to peace if I fall to despair, or for too long in despair.

    It is good to know of others who comprehend this as for me it has been a road with few on it for the past 3 years and it has meant the loss of half my family, the other half understanding but sadly not close and due to my own personal research from March of 2020 onward, I knew the answer to this WUFLU was the two treatments that won prizes for their efficacy and safety but to this day, are forbidden in this country.

    Dam it has been a long haul for many but far worse for those who are ill from the toxic jab or who have lost loved ones because they passed due to the intended harm it brought to them, their bodies and how they are not even recognized as having an adverse event from these injections, nor supported by the medical community so that grieves me terribly.

    I was feeling sad when I read this essay David but I value your thoughtfulness and the way you wrote the truth. It was so well written. Moving and you shed some hope too.

    Thank you as always David. With my utmost respect, Wendy Kinsey Cochrane Alberta

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    • Wendy, I am in a similar position as you regarding family. I am a ‘party of ONE’ in my immediate family for not partaking of the ‘cocktail’. I can talk about the things described in David Solway’s essay with my partner, who agrees, even though he succumbed to one jab for business reasons. (He regrets it). In my extended family, there are three nieces/nephews who refrained from getting poked, and they all live, interestingly, in Alberta! The jab aside, only ONE niece is aware of all the insidious plans being thrust upon us by the WEF, etc., and when I have tried to talk to other family members who are willing to listen respectfully, their faces glaze over in disbelief, before tuning in to the next program on NETFLIX, or the next news cycle on CBC, or the next online purchase from Amazon, or booking their next booster! (One brother-in-law recently told me of his friend who got the booster on a Wednesday and was unable to eat or drink or get out of bed for 4 days! When I used the opportunity to urge him to not take any more shots, he said, ‘Oh, but I have to; otherwise, I will get really sick with bronchitis.’ Total disconnect!!) It is like they don’t even process reality right in front of them! This is very disheartening, to say the least. But when I read posts like yours, I am reminded that I am not ALONE, and neither are you. I am only a province away from you, Wendy. If I ever get out to Cochrane, maybe we could have coffee.

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      • Hey prairiemuser What a night it was, reading the update on how close we are to a change our families, for the most part and friends have zero awareness of and who would think we really went off our clogs this time! Your comments could not have come at a better time. Spot on as the Brits would say. The glaze-overs, the shock and we can imagine how they discuss us when we leave the house!!”” So good of you to offer the shared experience, it means a lot.
        I recall over one year ago I read on Epoch Times a letter to the editor from a man from NY state about his son suffering from major depression and he himself ready to end it because of masking and lockdowns. It was like I was there in his home hearing his story and I wrote to him about many things that I and many others felt or were experiencing. I talked about how his young son was asleep upstairs in his room and how he needed his help to turn it all around. It was during NY’s major lockdowns forced jabs etc. and if you recall that state was nuts and still is. I do so hope he made it through and his boy.
        You shared prairiemuser and it made a big difference to me. Thank you. A coffee sounds just grand. I got to find out why the name prairiemuser unless it is Saskatchewan but I was thinking BC. Not sure how you obtain my email though. I’m not that clued in on blogs. I take the chance this is a pv response. wendygkinsey@telus.net Best! Java

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      • THANKS Brian for giving David Solway my comments. He is a fine writer too, as all of the people are on your Blog.


  5. We all know Trudeau/Freeland are glbalists taking Canada down.
    Stand up together n fight or it is done.
    The kill shot is intentional genocide and is just the beginning.
    Prof. Dr David Haskell provides basic tactics above.
    Listen and act instead of complaining.

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  6. Count me out of the ignorant and clueless Canadians. I respect what you do and say and am well aware of the horrible path we’re being led down. Thank you for your courage and wisdom to speak up! It’s baffling how the sheeple still don’t get it. You are a true warrior and I’m so thankful for your efforts in trying to inform the hypnotized masses In gratitude Michelle Boey

    Get Outlook for iOShttps://aka.ms/o0ukef ________________________________

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  7. I’ve heard one too many times “If it didn’t happen in {my town, Canada} then it doesn’t affect me”. What balderdash!!! How do you convince supposedly well educated, well employed immigrants from Britain or anyone else, that if it happens anywhere in Canada (or the world), it affects them?

    I’ve been an advocate of “togetherness” when it comes to Canadian unity ever since I first heard the term “separation” from Quebec. To hear it now from Alberta and possibly Saskatchewan breaks my heart. It also means that if by chance Alberta does succeed in breaking away from Canada, I shall hitch up my dog sled and migrate quickly as I can back to ye olde homestead.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my adopted province of Nova Scotia BUT I deplore the politics.

    While living in Alberta and B.C., I listened to people constantly complain about “those bloody maritimers” coming out here and taking our jobs. In 1983 I moved to Nova Scotia where the “offshore oil was coming to shore”. Suddenly the streets were swarming with Albertans and British Columbians “taking our jobs”. I realized back then that the phrase “east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet” holds so very true in this country. Too many people are too protective of what they deem theirs, i.e. Alberta is MY province, etc. NOT TRUE. This is supposed to be Canada first.

    I thank all of the people reporting and responding with respect to this situation. For a long time I believed I was alone with my beliefs and feelings regarding this once great country. I am happy to find that there are those willing to fight for what we once had.

    Brian Peckford in particular is a beacon of light in our very dark world. Perhaps with time, togetherness and perseverance we can defeat the demons.

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    • Hey Margrock I sure liked your post. I worked in the air industry and the patch and took time away recently. But in the busy years in early 2000’s I had the pleasure of working with guys from the maritimes on rigs and even the steel gang crew for CP Rail. ALL of them from Newfoundland on the steel gang and that gang had worked steady for 14 years from spring till fall every single year. On the rigs, guys came from all the maritime provinces, a few from central Canada and some great BC guys who worked forestry and came to the patch with a dam fine work ethic. Great men and dam fine workers, every one. Strong work ethic and great sense of humor. Many aimed to make a good living but almost all wanted to go back home when they had enough dough. I understood. Sadly it may be too late already to preserve our freedom and liberty anywhere on most of the planet. As for unity, his nibbs is teasing the conservatives about another election in ’23 so who knows how that will go. If badly it could be the prairies make a move to prevent that projected hell on earth the globalboys have cooked up. What painful times we live in! But I will say working side by side with guys from all over Canada was one dam fine experience!

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  8. Welcome to the soon to be world of the Hunger Games. I am sure the comparison isn’t too far off the mark. We have a rich, perverted and diabolical oligarchy desiring to rule the world to cull and blood suck it to death on one hand and an invincibly ignorant and brainwashed public that are lining up to get culled or enslaved in the name of political correctness. What could go wrong?

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    • Steven I hope we can somehow thwart this hell that has been in the works for more than decades now. But the toughest bit is the stupids, the hooked on television news crowd and the believers that the government and the medical society ALL, mean them well. I reckon every time in history, before war or worse the masses were this same way. Deniers and or completely unaware. And, better yet, not wanting to know one dam thing that does not fit their comfortable mindset. It is easy to get why some of us would prefer a life in the mountains away from them all, but for how long will that even be doable.

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      • That life in the mountains hasn’t been doable for some time now thanks to the real estate market which is the invention of the enemy to make the few rich, enslave many with debt and prevent many from living.


      • Steven I know. Off grid mountain living is no longer for most of us … though I got an offer to move to eastern Tennessee into a hollar. The friend said, Californians are coming there in droves now and he had concerns about home prices going up. He still uses old Appalachian home remedies for much of his family’s ailments and their old cooking, canning methods. I take a trip back in time when we write.

        And we need diversions and dreams. I stay informed but I like to imagine……. Food for the soul and for the heart as good as fresh air to breathe.

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  9. Until the masses wake up in armed revolt. Nothing will change,peaceful protest is past being a joke but is the Canadian way. We only have to look around the world to see that non of them care about protests. The bottom forty percent that vote for socialism will never wake up to the reality that govt will not and never has helped them. The other sixty percent think that somehow voting will make a difference when history has proven that theory wrong many time over. I’m afraid all society go full circle and unfortunately ares will be no different. The masses like always will not wake until it is to late to fix and back to war we must go

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